7 ways to constructively give criticism for a better real estate business

There are many peoples who don’t do their jobs right and do nothing to make it right. It is a tough topic to discuss. If you don’t consider to your employees, contractors whose performances are average or poor, they will give you even worse performance. You are not getting the job but if you tend to get it, show unexpected work and prove your skills and abilities.  You may need to work independently by firing employees and no longer work with contractor. Here are 7 ways to constructively give criticism for a better real estate business before going to things go far.

Compliment technique
Employee will give its potential work if you use complement technique by giving a complement. Complement technique is not a bad thing but it is bit clichéd. You may start the conversation on a positive note but it ends on a negative note. While giving complement make sure that it will not sound rite and forced.

Complement should not be so harsh, make a balanced complement.

Schedule of Meetings

Make sure that the meetings should be scheduled. It is better to schedule because there is no preparation done on regarding issues otherwise. You can do this with employees by schedule performance reviews ahead of time. If you have any query regarding issues you can say to contractors or vendors by calling them to say schedule a meeting tomorrow, as there are some issues I would like to address. This will give your extra time for preparation of your ideas or thoughts.

Speaking Sense
By saying straight forwardly to employee that you do this or you have made a mistake sound very combative. If peoples feel that they are being attacked or seriously criticized, they get defensive, and then it is not possible to overcome this situation. Although, you may arrange a better atmosphere by discussing the issues to a third person or use personal life examples but if the meeting goes negative definitely it will give a bad impact. You have to be firm enough that you are not satisfy with the employees work and make sure them.

Make a Solution
You should not forget that there is a solution of every problem. If you are suffering with a problem what are the action steps will do? He will obviously understand if you dress someone down that he is not getting job done. There are employees who are habitual of getting absent, so that employee needs to show his consistency for work. But there is also example that the person may has a problem with organization.  The solutions are not only enough as above.

If you are employer you should ask for their feedback and ideas. Then give them ownership to their ideas. You may demand someone to do something. You are lecturing and offending the party is not a good meeting but it is ways to start a conversation asks for their feedback and ask how to solve the problem. Must listen to their ideas and think about your ideas may some of them is better to solve the problem.

To judge the success or failure use key performance indicators in your company, including employees and contractors. Few example includes:
  • Leasing agent (applications per showing)
  • Maintenance technician (call back percentage)
  • About contractors
Above indicators are so important for your company.

Review and Check Out
Must use follow up and write up technique. If any problem is occurs by a conversation it needs to check out.  If you don’t have track records in written then problem occurs. As you have fired employee then it will not be challenging and impossible to overcome.